Do you want a Console boat or an Open boat?

A Console boat has remote steering where the steering wheel, throttle control and ignition are combined in the console and are separated from the motor. The driver and passengers have the benefit of forward facing seating while driving as well as more ergonomically located controls and increased horse power.

An Open boat has a tiller operated motor. Open boats generally have the benefit of more open deck space, less weight and an outboard motor that is easily removed for transport or storage.

What lengths are you looking for?

Choosing the right length is important because longer boats generally have more persons, weight and horse power capacity and a more comfortable ride.

For your comfort and the comfort of your passengers we recommend choosing one of the larger tenders you can accommodate; however, it is important for safety that the tender does not exceed the safe storage space or weight limitations of the yacht. For example, be sure your tender can be secured properly in case of rough water conditions. Consider other factors specific to where you do your boating, such as regulations for maximum boat length for dinghy docks.

What is the maximum weight you can support?

When choosing the maximum weight, consider the maximum lifting capacity of davits/cranes or the swim platform where the tender will be stored, or the towing capacity of the vehicle that will tow the boat. Do not exceed the maximum capacity of lifting or towing devices and allow a sufficient safety margin for gear or unexpected conditions.