Venture. The World’s First Luxury Explorer Sport Tender.

The Venture series is the world’s first line of Luxury Sport Tender. It is designed for cruisers who want to get the most out of their time on the water and consider their tender an extension of their yacht. The Venture makes getting around comfortable and easy and can also be used for much more. Whether you enjoy exploring, fishing, diving or snorkeling, towing sports like wakeboarding or tubing, driving and relaxing, the Venture can handle it all.

The True Luxury Sport Tender.

Serious cruisers, sport fishing yachts and explorers are passionate about fun and interesting activities such as exploring, fishing, diving, snorkeling, towing sports like skiing or tubing, driving, relaxing and cocktail cruising.

Something that sets the Venture apart from all other tenders is the way we integrated features you would normally find on larger tenders or dedicated sport boats into a stylish and very comfortable design to make the most out the activities you are passionate about.

First Class Comfort & Ergonomic

The Venture is the only tender that offers 3 versatile driving positions, made possible by a flip-up bolster seat that gives additional room for standing or elevated seating when driving in adverse conditions.  The tilt steering and top mount throttle make all three positions equally ergonomic.

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Venture 16

The Venture 16 is the ultimate 16ft deluxe tender for Exploring, Fishing, Diving and Entertaining. The Venture 16 is outstanding for its comfort, style ...

Venture 14

The Venture 14 combines luxury and style with features and options for Exploring, Fishing, Diving and Entertaining in a way that no other 14’ tender eve...