Design & Technology

The inflatable boat manufacturer dedicated to design, quality and innovation. Walker Bay's commitment has made it the world leader and premiere choice for outboard powered console tenders.

A better design. A better boat.

At Walker Bay we take the time to consider every aspect as to how our inflatable boats might be used. We pay attention to every detail to give our customers a better boating experience. From our biggest luxury yacht tender, the Walker Bay 22 with its portable head and oversized console, to our smallest inflatable dinghies with trim tabs and lifting grips molded into the transom. We go the extra mile to give our customers the best.

All of our inflatable boats are designed to be more spacious and are easy to get in and out from the bow. A wider bow also means less water spray so you and your passengers can enjoy a drier ride. Our unique curved deep V-Hull design provides a sharper entry point while cutting through waves and causes water to be directed back down for a smoother ride in rough conditions and less spray into the boat.

Hull construction.

As a world leading inflatable boat manufacturer, Walker Bay uses the most advanced manufacturing processes to create better built hulls that ride better and last longer.


Our Spider Stringer Grid construction used in our Generation 525, 450, 400, Venture and Generation LTE lines absorbs the impact from wave chop, makes the hull stronger and lighter, and provides permanent positive flotation without increasing the overall boat weight.

The stringer manufacturing system allows for a more even integrated distribution load through the hull giving it extra strength when the boat is lifted. The stringer grid connects to the transom for better transfer of power from the engine to the hull. The fuel tank location in the bow and built into stringer system allows for better planning and performance in rough conditions.


Walker Bay exceeds all safety and construction standards of the United States Coast Guards (USCG), National Marine Manufacture Association (NMMA), American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC), International Standards Organization (ISO), European Conformity (CE).



Our DuraTech™ fiberglass construction used in our Supertender and Superlight RIBs, is an environmentally friendly vacuum RTM (Resin Transfer Molding) process producing a hull 40% more durable and 30% lighter than traditional fiberglass.


Glass (fabric) = strength and more glass means a stronger hull. The DuraTech™ process better controls the application of resin resulting in a much higher strength to weight ratio.


A foam core creates incredible structure and is therefore far stronger under impact. The air core pocket on other hulls gives no structure and allows water to penetrate the hull over time increasing weight and delaminating the hull.


The DuraTech™ closed-mold process lessens styrene emissions and creates a lower emission working environment for operators.

Tube Construction.

All Walker Bay inflatable boats are built using the finest materials available. They are designed to be incredibly durable and built to perform. Our relentless attention to detail means you can feel confident you own one of the world’s finest inflatable boats.

Walker Bay is proud to offer a choice of either name brand ORCA® CSM or German-made Heytex® PVC fabric. ORCA® CSM is the best tube fabric available and is engineered to withstand high UV exposure in tropical climates. We guarantee our ORCA CSM tubes for 10 years, the longest warranty in the industry. German made Heytex® PVC offers a combination of rugged durability and value. It is the best PVC fabric available with extensive real world testing. Our Heytex® PVC tubes incorporate 3-layer welded seams for the strongest seam bond possible and are guaranteed for 5 years.