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Supertender 325
Deluxe Console

The Best Lightweight Console Tender

The Supertender 325 Deluxe Console RIB is the best lightweight console tender in it's class. The Supertender console boat offers superior comfort, unmatched luxurious standard features, more storage than any boat this size, and exceptional performance from a deep-V Hull, perfect for rougher conditions.

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Supertender 325 Deluxe Console Tender

The NEW Supertender 325 Deluxe Console Tender combines the Supertender RIB with our NEW Deluxe Fiberglass console unit. Together they create an amazing small boat, boasting more storage than any boat this size. Superior comfort and exceptional performance from a deep-V Hull, result in the best small console RIB in rough water.

The custom-designed console has room for a 7″ chart plotter and offers more legroom for the driver, creating an exceptionally comfortable riding position. It also includes an insulated cooler and two stainless steel cup holders. The extra thick seat cushions and backrest combined with the smooth ride of the deep-V hull give passengers the feeling of being in a boat twice the price.

The extra large bow locker fits a 6 gallon fuel tank which keep weight further forward and help with early planing.

The Smoothest and Driest Ride in Rough Conditions. Find Comfort in a Small RIB.

Unlike other RIBs this size, the Supertender’s hull has a Deep V which cuts smoothly through rough chop for a smoother ride and deflects water down into cross winds so you stay dry in rough windy conditions. This combined with the wider bow design also blocks any spray keeping it away from passengers. The Supertender has a pronounced chine which grips better in turns so there is no cavitation of the motor. The V in the hull is gradually reduced to stern creating a section in the rear of the hull for lift and improved early planing. Smooth dry ride combined with early planing. Everything you need in a small rigid inflatable boat.

Supertender 325 Deluxe Console Features

• Ergonomic Console with Hand Rail and Wind Screen • Deluxe 13” Steering Wheel • Large Console Dashboard Accommodates a 7″ Screen • Wide Rear Seat with Extra Thick Cushions and Dry Storage • Large Bow Locker fits a 6.6 Gallon Gas Tank  • 2 Stainless Steel Cup Holders • Insulated Cooler • 2 Mounting Surfaces for Pole Lights, Rod Holders or Pop-up Cleats • Extra Deep V in the hull provides a smoother ride in rough water • Hull shape deflects water down for a dryer ride • Wider bow means more space up front • Built tough from Walker Bay’s DuraTech™ molded construction. Vacuum resin molded with a foam core making it stronger and lighter that other comparable boats • Available in either German Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM fabric • Large 18” diameter tubes and towing D-Rings included • Additional reinforcement areas in the hull and deck for different davit lifting point options • Tube set length matched to LOA with motor for maximum performance

Tube available in ORCA CSM®The CSM compound offers the best UV resistance and ageing properties for boats permanently exposed to sun, sea and weather.
Also available in German-made Heytex® PVC fabric.

All Walker Bay products are proudly designed and built in North America.

Deep V-Hull Gives a Smooth Ride in Rough Water

Extra Large Bow Locker
fits 6 Gallon Gas Tank

Wide Rear Seat with 4" Cushions
and Dry Storage

Insulated Cooler
with 2 Stainless Steel Cup Holders

Folding Backrest
and 2 Mounting Surfaces for Pole Lights, Rod Holders, or Pup-up Cleats

Multiple-Lifting Point Options
Works with Any Davit System

Supertender 325 STX Console Technical Information

Supertender Brochures and Catalogs

  • Supertender Brochure
  • 20 Year Full Line Inflatable Boat Catalog
Description Standard Console Deluxe Console Standard Console Deluxe Console
Overall Length (cm / feet) 325/10′ 8″ 325/10′ 8″ 365/12′ 365/12′
Overall Length (w/ engine, cm / feet) 360/11′10″ 360/11′10″ 389/12’9″ 389/12’9″
Internal Length (cm / feet) 236/7′9″ 236/7′9″ 272/8’11” 272/8’11”
Beam (cm / in) 163/64″ 163/64″ 170/67″ 170/67″
Inside Beam (cm / feet) 78/30.5″ 78/30.5″ 78/30.5″ 78/30.5″
Tube Diameter (cm / feet) 43/17″ 43/17″ 46/18″” 46/18″
Total Weight (kg / lbs) 111/244 118/259 135/297 143/314
Airtight Compartments 3 3 3 3
Tube Material Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM
Passengers 5 5 5 5
Maximum Payload (kg / lbs) 777/1709 777/1709 886/1950 886/1950
Outboard Data
Shaft Length Short Short Short & Long Versions Short & Long Versions
Min. Recommended Power 20 20 20 20
Max. Recommended Power 30 30 30 30
Max. Speed (Knots) 28KT 28KT 28KT 28KT
Maximum Motor Weight 80/175 80/175 80/175 80/175



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