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Venture 14 Luxury Explorer Sport Tender

The new Venture 14 is packed with features and options for Exploring, Fishing, Diving and Entertaining that can't be found on any other 14’ tender. The new Venture Series boast high-end design and finishes and is designed for cruisers who want to explore further and do more activities with their tender.

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Deluxe Console

Generation DLX

Lightweight Deluxe Console

Generation Light

Lightweight Console

Genesis, Supertender, Superlight

Supertender Open

Deep-V Hull For Rough Water

Genesis Open

Incredibly Durable, more Features

Superlight Open

Extremely Lightweight and Affordable


At Walker Bay we consider every aspect as to how our inflatable boats might be used. We pay attention to every detail to give our customers a better boating experience.

From our biggest Deluxe Rigid Inflatable Boat, the Generation 525 with its passenger leaning post doubling as a boarding handle, to our smallest roll-up inflatable boats with trim tabs and lifting grips molded into the transom. We go the extra mile to give our customers the best.

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