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Generation 12 – Walker Bay’s new release

The Walker Bay Team is thrilled to introduce the Generation 12 (G12), the top of luxury and performance in the world of runabouts and tenders. The G12 redefines what’s possible in a 12-foot outboard console boat, bringing together lightweight design, great comfort, and thrilling performance.

A thrilling performance for those who are looking for a new boating experience

Experience the perfect blend of lightweight construction and comfort. Our engineers have applied cutting-edge technology and materials to create a boat that’s both lightweight and incredibly comfortable.

Step aboard the G12 and give in to the spacious and ergonomically designed interior. With a 44” wide rear seat,   wrap-around armrests, and customizable options like the flip-up bolster and tilt steering of the Touring Package, every detail has been carefully crafted for your cruising comfort.

The G12 isn’t just about performance; it’s designed for endless fun and entertainment. Customize your G12 for water sports, fishing, diving, and more. With an optional entertainment package, including acoustically oriented speakers, USB ports, and a built-in 20-can insulated cooler, you’ll have everything you need for memorable adventures.

Experience our craftsmanship and innovation, from the 4D console design to the meticulously positioned speakers. We’ve integrated advanced technology, such as vacuum infusion and light resin transfer molding, to create a boat that’s not only stronger and lighter but also meets the best performance.

Elevate your boating experience with the Generation 12 DLX – where lightweight luxury meets unparalleled performance.

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