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Walker Bay 22; Walk the Walk

By: Lakeland Boating

Walk the Walk

By Kevin Koenig

January 2021

Revo 21 inflatable boat

When it comes to stability and a seaworthy ride, particularly when dealing with fast boats that register on the smaller end, it’s hard to beat a rigid inflatable boat (RIB).

A good RIB will simply outclass most boats its size in seakeeping ability, in large part due to its tubes. And one RIB we’ve had our eye on is the Walker Bay 22, a brand-new model that is speedy, sporty and ready to be accessorized.

First things first, with a single 225-hp engine the Walker Bay can reportedly hit 50 mph, which is enough giddyup to give even the most seasoned of speed demons among us a thrill. She can get you to the sandbar before anyone else, and get you home ahead of any storm, should you get caught in bad weather.

The boat can also be outfitted with all manner of gadgetry. “The accessories are what makes this model really special,” says Valentina Botero, Marketing Manager at Walker Bay. “You can put a wakeboard tower on it, rod holders for fishing, a shower, a boarding ladder — the console even opens up for what is actually a portable head. It’s just so versatile, and it can hold 12 people too.”

Botero likes another aspect of the boat’s versatility as well: Its ease of use. “This RIB is lightweight,” she says. “You can deflate it and put it on a trailer very easily. That’s part of its appeal, along with the accessories. You can take it anywhere and do just about anything with it.”

The 21 debuted at the 2021 Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, where it caught boaters’ eyes for use as a primary boat, which is the capacity in which Walker Bay envisions the model being used.

“People like this model, it doesn’t matter if they live in Florida, the Northeast or on the lakes,” Botero says. “It’s simply got something for everyone.”

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