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Walker Bay Announces International Yacht Network as New Dealer in Wisconsin

Fairfield, CA, May 3, 2016 – Walker Bay Boats, is pleased to announce that International Yacht Network will now be carrying three RIB Lines  – the Genesis, Odyssey and Supertender.  Michael Carroll, Director of Sales & Marketing said, “Dealers like International Yacht Network, don’t come along everyday.  Owner Jarrett Bryzek runs a smooth ship with hands on sales and service that translates into a long list of happy loyal customers.”

International Yacht Network started in Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2006 and now operates from Green Bay, Wisconsin, a great summer boating destinations from Chicago all the way up to Door County.  They specialize in fully rigged packages with Tohatsu engines and ship nationwide using freight connections that are price competitive. International Yacht Network also offers custom chock and lifting harness packages.

Jarrett Bryzek, President of International Yacht Network, said, “We choose Walker Bay because they are a reliable brand that complements the innovative products that we build in our factory with great design, functionality and superior technology.”

You can see more about Walker Bay offerings from International Yacht Network at

Walker Bay Launches the Generation 525 RIB

Fairfield, CA, July 18, 2016 – Walker Bay Boats, has launched a new 17ft RIB to add to their premium Generation line.  Michael Carroll, Director of Sales and Marketing for Walker Bay Boats said, “When we decided to add a larger size to our Generation line, we revisited every aspect of design and manufacturing and searched for desirable features that you would normally only find in much bigger boats.  In the 525 you will get the style and performance that the Generation line is known for with all the bells and whistles that make boating so much more enjoyable.”  The Generation 525 is an ideal day boat, great for water sports, easy for commuting to your water front home or as a luxury tender for a mega yacht.

Proprietary Manufacturing

The Generation 525 is designed for a smooth ride with an innovative manufacturing process that results in superior handling and a strong hull that is built to last.  Unlike other RIB’s that use plywood stringers to support the hull and top deck, Walker Bay incorporates a Polyurethane Composite Micro Stringer system in the floor, making it lighter and stronger.  The generation also has a unique approach to joining the hull and deck using a unidirectional glass and polyurethane grid bonding system that eliminates the air cavity found in other RIBs.  The end result is a stronger hull that better absorbs wave chop, and its lighter weight gives a faster top speed and makes it quick to plane.

Intelligent Design for Maximum Pleasure

This spacious 17ft RIB has a roomy cockpit layout and flip up drivers bolster seat for extra room while standing when driving in tougher conditions. The hydraulic tilt steering system gives you quick and easy maneuverability at all speeds.   Attention to design detail is what Walker Bay is known for, so you will find 4 stainless steal pop-up cleats, 5 stainless steal cup holders, an insulated cooler in one of five easy to access gear lockers, hand rails where you need them and deluxe comfy cushions on all seating.   Five stylish teak steps and handrails on the forward seat and console make for stable boarding.  There is a solid stainless steal retractable ski post and 10 gallon fresh water shower on the transom.

Walker Bay Signs Tender Care Boats as New East Coast Florida Dealer

Fairfield, CA, June 30, 2015 – Walker Bay Boats, manufacturer of an award winning line of small recreational boats, signs Tender Care Boats in Fort Lauderdale, Florida as a new dealer for the East Coast.  Sean Smith, Director of Sales for Walker Bay said, “Tender Care Boats is a reputable dealer with years of experience and a solid customer service track record.”  Tender Care will carry the full line of Walker Bay RIB’s and Airis, which includes inflatable kayaks, stand up paddleboards and inflatable docks.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Skip Reisert, owner and founder of Tender Care Boats has served the marine industry for over 40 years.  They have the largest selection of new and pre-owned yacht tenders on the East Coast as well as a matchmaker tool for helping boat owners find the perfect tender to fit their vessel.  Tender Care Boats is widely known as the yacht tender experts with a highly trained service team that not only cares for your tender service but also details it with precision and beauty. Tender Care carries their own line of products to keep your RIB in perfect condition.  Owner Skip Reisert, said, “In the short time that we have had the Walker Bay product’s we have broken sales records for tender sales and are looking forward to a long, fruitful relationship with the Walker Bay company and its products.” 

Walker Bay Signs Up Two New Dealers For The Midwestern US, Coral Gables Yachts and Harbor North

Fairfield, CA, June 3, 2015 – Walker Bay Boats, manufacturer of an award winning line of small recreational boats, announces two new dealers for the Midwestern US. Coral Gables Yachts will service the Michigan area and Harbor North will handle Ohio.  Michael Carroll, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Walker Bay said, “We are very pleased to announce these two new reputable dealers and extend service to our customers in these areas.”

Coral Gables Yachts

Coral Gables Yachts has been servicing the community in and around Holland, Michigan for over a decade.  They are a full service yacht brokerage with knowledgeable staff and a wide array of services for boats in transition.  They can handle the rigging of the larger Walker Bay RIB’s, install additional components and repair electronics.  For more information visit

Harbor North

Located on the South Shore of Laker Erie, between Cleveland and Toledo, Harbor North serves a large community of lake boaters. They operate a full service marina with store and service center along with sailing courses and the oldest charter service on Lake Erie.  For more information visit

Walker Bay Launches the Odyssey Superlight Center Console RIB, The Lightest Weight Console RIB on the Market

Vancouver, BC, February 26, 2015 – Walker Bay Boats, is adding to its Odyssey RIB line with the Superlight Center Console.  The design ingenuity allows for this 10 ft. boat to comfortably plane with two average sized adults using a 9.8 HP engine.  Michael Carroll, Director of Marketing and Business Development for Walker Bay said, “This is the lightest weight center console on the market with great performance for an affordable price.”  It’s the ideal tender when cruising weight and easy handling are a priority.

Design Ingenuity

Built using DURATECH™ foam core fiberglass construction, the Superlight’s hull uses a Resin Transfer Molding process.  This means that instead of having two one-sided parts (top deck and hull) laminated together, it is a two-sided closed mold with no space between the parts. Hulls therefore are stronger, lighter, and with a foam insert between the parts, they have more buoyancy than other small RIB’s.    The Hull of the Superlight is built to maximize early planning performance

Loaded with great features

The Super Light is designed to make your ride more comfortable with a layout that gives more leg and foot room and a wide comfortable seat.  There are easy to grab stainless steel handrails and reinforced surface areas to accommodate running lights and bilge pump.  There is a large front-access on the console to easily reach the battery and rigging while the top surface area can accommodate different gauge’s and additional options like stereo, GPS VHF radio and so on.  The fuel tank has its own storage compartment in the rear seat.

Pricing and Availability

The Superlight is competitively priced retailing at MSRP $9,695 in PVC and $10,495 for ORCA CSM fabric. This includes the rigging and Tohatsu 9.8 HP engine.  With a maximum capacity of 1357 lbs the Superlight can take an engine up to 20 HP.

They are available in major marine stores and online at

Walker Bay Revamps RIB’s for Spring 2015

Fairfield, CA, March 23, 2015 – Walker Bay Boats, has added two new boats to the Odyssey line and also added upgrades to the Generation and Genesis.  Michael Carroll, Director of Business Development for Walker Bay Boats said, “Every component of a Walker Bay RIB is manufactured in our factory, which enables us to make quick meaningful improvements in alignment with our customers needs.”  Walker Bay Boats has long been recognized for its innovation in design, ingenuity in manufacturing and adding lots of useful unexpected features.

Here’s what’s new in 2015:


The Generation is the high end of Walker Bay’s line of RIB’s making it a perfect luxury yacht tender or a classy runabout.  The 2015 Generation has a new sporty design with new styling on the tubes and cushions, and the rear hatch now has double hydraulic pistons for easy access to gear.  The inside tube seams have been doubled and the new cushions have a stiffer closed cell foam, both for added durability and extended life.  The fuel tank has also been upgraded to new EPA U.S. standards.

Odyssey Supertender 365

Walker Bay has added a new 12ft Supertender to this popular line to offer a bit more space and accommodate up to 6 people.  It comes in a long shaft console version or short shaft “open” version that has two options for rear seat position, giving more flexibility in seating for driving with tiller engines.  It also comes in a standard configuration or optional deluxe, which includes an upgraded seat and bow locker.  The Supertender is known for its deep V-hull giving it a smoother ride and a well designed interior with lots of legroom, integrated seating and neat storage features.

Genesis G2

The upgraded Genesis G2 has all the award winning features of its predecessor with improvements for durability and performance. The new transom is made of anodized aluminum to resist corrosion and has large stronger cap attachment points to add strength for larger engines. There are also internal stainless steel bars inside the transom for increased strength when hoisting on davits. The tube seals are deeper for easier replacement and a fast watertight seal.  The PVC rub rail is also thicker and more tear resistant. The 310 and 340 versions include an additional trim tab kit to provide even quicker planning and improved rear water release and to reduce spray with larger engines.  Genesis is the only RIB on the market that has an injection molded High Impact Marine Composite hull and comes with a 10 year warranty.

Odyssey Superlight Center Console

The design and ingenuity in this new 10 ft RIB allows the boat to comfortably plane with two average sized adults using a 9.8 HP engine.  The  DURATECH™ foam core fiberglass construction with the Resin Transfer Molding process makes produces a very strong yet light hull that maximizes early planning performance.  The Superlight is competitively priced starting at MSRP $9,695 which includes a Tohatsu 9.8 HP engine.  With a maximum capacity of 1357 lbs the Superlight can take an engine up to 20 HP.


Walker Bay Launches New Website.

Walker Bay has updated its online presence with the launch of their new website  In addition to the upgraded look and layout of the site, lots of great user friendly features were added to make it easier for people to find the product they are looking for and get appropriate product information.


To make things clearer for visitors to the site,  was split into three sites according to product groups.  The three sites are grouped by Inflatable Boats, Rigid Dinghies/ Sail Kits, and AIRIS Inflatables.  By having three sections it makes it easier and clearer for users, and Walker Bay can offer more relevant information to their different customers.  To further make things easier, each product page now gives people the opportunity to watch product videos, download a Brochure, download their Owners Manual, search Technical Diagrams or find their nearest Dealer.  By having all relevant information on each product page it is easier for people to find what they are looking for without having to search through the site.  The new site also incorporates ecommerce so customers can find parts or other products which may have been difficult to find and easily buy them direct online.  Please have a look at our new look at

Walker Bay Reintroduces AIRIS™ Inflatable Kayaks

NEW Designs for 2012!

Feb 1st, 2012:  Walker Bay has reintroduced it popular line of AIRIS™ High Pressure Inflatable Kayaks with new designs for 2012.  The company was previously producing the only fully High-Pressure kayaks for three seasons but stopped production for 2011 as the factory re-tooled and increased production.  The new designs are improved over previous models and the first introduction is the Sport 11 kayak which replaces the popular Sport 10 version from 2010.  The new Sport 11 will be available to ship in March 2012 followed by the reintroduction of the Play and Tandem Kayak Models shipping in May.

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Walker Bay Launches New “SUPERLIGHT” Range of RIB’s at the Miami Boat Show

Walker Bay continues to expand its popular inflatable boat lines with the development and launch of the new Odyssey SUPERLIGHT range of small RIB tenders.  Developed to be a perfect option for many boaters, the SUPERLIGHT RIB boasts amazing features at an affordable price.

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Available in Air Floor, Panel Floor and Slatted Floor options!

Walker Bay Boats has launched a brand new innovative line of Inflatable Roll-Ups.  The new and improved Odyssey Range has been completly redesigned and reintroduced for 2012 and includes some amazing new features.

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