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Hardtop Stubby 9 Inflatable SUP

You don't have to sacrifice performance for convenience.

Small Paddle Board Fun and Easy to Use

The AIRIS STUBBY 9 is the best option for everyone looking for fun and convenience in a small paddle board. The shorter length and wide design mean it is stable and more maneuverable than a longer board.

It comes with bungee tie downs for gear and attachment points to tie a kayak seat for even more versatility. Best of all, it glides easily and its innovative construction combining Walker Bay's patented High Pressure AirWeb™ with two large EVA covered fiberglass steps give the exact feeling of standing on a hard board.

Don’t compromise. Just enjoy!


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A Unique iSUP.

The AIRIS HardTop™ Stubby 9 small paddle board is different from any other inflatable paddle boards. It’s unique construction with a rigid deck makes it stiffer, and the HardTop™ is loaded with tons of extra features.

The AIRIS HardTop™ Inflatable SUP is the winner of Boating Industry’s TOP PRODUCTS 2015 Award.


Standard Features and Components

RigiDeck™ EVA covered fiberglass steps – Two rigid base plates create a solid standing area which feels as stiff to your feet as a rigid SUP but still allows for the HollowDeck™ to deflate and fold for convenient storage.

AirWeb™ 6” Construction – The HollowDeck™ SUP is built using Walker Bay’s proprietary AIRIS® high pressure construction.  The HollowDeck™ inflates to 12psi and with the 6” thick construction is incredibly rigid versus other standard inflatable stand up paddleboards.

Gear attachment points – attachment points in the front of the board are perfect for tying down gear or belongings.

Airpack™ carrying bag – comes included with every HardTop™ Inflatable SUP and makes transporting simple and easy.

Large rear skeg offers better tracking performance.

Premium one-way valves make inflation and deflation easy and straightforward.

Proprietary AIRIS® High Pressure Construction means the HardTop™ SUP is the most rigid inflatable SUP in the world. 

High Pressure aluminum shaft Hand Pump included. Hand pump inflates the HardTop™ SUP in minutes.

A SUP and Kayak all in one!

An added benefit of the Walker Bay HardTop™ 9 and 11 is that you can easily add a kayak backrest to the board and paddle as a kayak! Great for exploring or surfing on waves, the AIRIS® Inflatable SUPs do more.

*Kayak seat sold separately
*Paddle sold separately

RigiDeck™ EVA Covered Fiberglass Base

Two rigid base plates create a solid standing area.

AIRIS® High Pressure Construction

The most Rigid Inflatable SUP in the world.

Gear attachment points

Perfect for tying down gear or belongings.

Premium one-way valves

Inflation and set-up are quick and easy.

Full-Length Stringer

Increases board rigidity.

Large Rear Skeg

Offers better tracking performance.

High Pressure Hand Pump

Makes inflation and set-up quick and easy.

Airpack™ Carrying Bag

Makes transporting simple and easy.

Air Web™ 6" Construction

Proprietary AIRIS® High Pressure Construction.

No Compromise. The performance of a Rigid SUP with the portability of an inflatable.

Just like our top-performing Inflatable Kayaks, it’s all about tracking performance with our inflatable stand up paddleboards (SUPs) – i.e. stiffness and waterline. The AIRIS HollowDeck™ Inflatable SUP tracks better than any other inflatable paddle boards in the world because it is stiffer than any other inflatable paddle boards in the world. Only with the AIRIS® patented AirWeb™ construction can we make something inflatable that works this well.

How is it stiffer?

Most other iSUPs (inflatable stand up paddle boards) are built using standard 4″ drop-stitch material. To try to create stiffness the construction of these boards attempt to reach higher PSI pressures to help. These high pressure, yet thin, boards really don’t create the stiffness needed for good tracking and performance due to the limitations of the thin construction. AIRIS construction achieves this stiffness through proprietary AirWeb™ 6″ construction. The HollowDeck™ SUPs provide superior stiffness, holding a better waterline and creating an inflatable board that feels like a rigid board.

The other issue with inflatable SUPs is rigidity under foot. To balance on a board you need to constantly adjust your balance and if the surface under your feet is not still then this is difficult and you can get foot cramping. The EVA covered fiberglass steps on the HollowDeck™ paddle boards make them feel exactly like a rigid board while paddling. While other inflatable SUP designs flex underfoot and make it difficult to balance, the HollowDeck™ is just as rigid as a fully rigid board but with the convenience of an iSUP. You will have to seriously double check to see you are not on a rigid board.

You have to try it to believe it.

All Walker Bay products are proudly designed and built in North America.

Airis HardTop™ SUP Technical Information

  • Airis HardTop™ SUP Safety Manual

Airis HardTop™ SUP Brochure

  • Airis HardTop™ SUP Brochure
HardTop Stubby 9
HardTop SUV 11
HardTop TOUR 12.5
Length  9′ / 274 cm 11′ / 335 cm 12’6” / 380 cm
Width 2’7” / 80 cm 2’7” / 80 cm 2’7″ / 80 cm
Thickness 6” / 15 cm 6” / 15 cm 6” / 15 cm
Weight 20 lbs / 9 kg 26.5 lbs / 10.5 kg 33 lbs / 15 kg
Volume 280 L 297 L 336 L
Air Chambers 1 1 1
Storage Dimensions 26”x10.2”x19.7”
66x26x50 cm
66x26x50 cm
112x42x26.5 cm
Weight Capacity 225 lbs/ 102 kgs 250 lbs/ 114 kgs 275 lbs/ 125 kgs
Min. Pressure 5 psi 5 psi 5 psi
Recommended Pressure 7 psi 7 psi 7 psi
Max. Pressure 12 psi 12 psi 12 psi



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