Walker Bay

Design & Construction


At Walker Bay we take the time to consider every aspect as to how our pleasure crafts might be used. We pay attention to every detail to give our customers a better experience on the water. From our High Pressure AirWeb™ Patented Construction providing rigidity and durability, unique to our Airis™ product line, to the ingenious integrated dry storage in our HollowDeck™ Inflatable Adventure SUP, we go the extra mile to give our customers the best.

All of our Airis inflatables, are designed to be light, durable, simple to use, and so portable they roll up to fit inside their own backpack.
Now you can take fun with you wherever you go!


AirWeb™ High Pressure Construction

Our full line of Airis inflatable kayaks, inflatable stand up paddle boards and inflatable dock is built using the AirWeb™ High Pressure Patented Construction, proprietary of Walker Bay. The AirWeb™ is formed from a heavy duty seven layer polymer coated fabric that is joined inside by thousands of drop-stitch fibers, making it possible to inflate to more than 6.5 PSI. The AirWeb™ provides incredible rigidity and durability to all Airis Inflatables.


RigiDeck™ Steps

All Airis inflatable stand up paddleboards are built combining Walker Bay’s patented AirWeb™ construction with two large RigiDeck™ non-skid fiberglass steps. The RigiDeck™ EVA covered fiberglass steps create a solid standing area which feels as stiff to your feet as a rigid SUP and still allows to deflate and fold for convenient storage. The RigiDeck™ steps concept is unique to Airis HardTop™ and Airis HollowDeck™ Inflatable SUPs.


HollowDeck™ Adventure SUP

Another ingenious design idea that makes Airis Inflatables stands apart is the HollowDeck™ Adventure SUP.  The HollowDeck SUP features a large dry storage compartment in the bow of the board means you can pack the entire inside front of the board with gear keeping it dryer and more secure. This also gives the board a lower center of gravity with less wind resistance while paddling.


Aqua-Loc™ Ballast Bag

Designed by our team at Walker Bay, the Aqua-Loc™ ballast bags (patent pending) used underneath the Airis AirDock inflatable dock trap water and prevent the AirDock from slipping on the water’s surface. The result is an extremely stable platform that one can walk on, or even dive from.

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