Walker Bay Launches New “SUPERLIGHT” Range of RIB’s at the Miami Boat Show

Walker Bay continues to expand its popular inflatable boat lines with the development and launch of the new Odyssey SUPERLIGHT range of small RIB tenders.  Developed to be a perfect option for many boaters, the SUPERLIGHT RIB boasts amazing features at an affordable price.

The first model which will be shown at the Miami Boat Show Feb 16-20 is the SLRX, Super Light RIB with a Flat Floor.  Overall weight for the 310 model is lighter than other flat floor 310’s in its class.  The incredible weight and finished quality of these boats is accomplished through a proprietary RTM Resin Transfer Molding technique.  Fibreglass resin is injected into a closed form double sided mold surrounding a high density foam insert  to improve stiffness, buoyancy  and reduce weight.  U.S. Suggested Retail Price for the 310SLRX is $2599 in German Heytex PVC Fabric and $3399 in ORCA CSM.  Boats are in production now and will be available to the public in March of this year.

As with all Walker Bay designs, the Odyssey SUPERLIGHT has more interior space due to a wider bow design and rounded tube end’s so users have more room for passengers and gear.  Walker Bay has borrowed many of the popular feature ideas from its Award Winning GENESIS RIB’s and applied them to the SUPERLIGHT Range.  The innovative floor design has Drain Channels which work to keep water away from your feet and allow for a lower drain plug location to keep the boat floor dryer.  As well, Walker Bay has introduced a Hose Channel Concept so the fuel line can be recessed below floor level to keep it fixed and out of the way.  As with other Walker Bay RIB’s there is more V to the hull for a smoother ride and the hull shape deflects spray down and out of the wind so you won’t get wet like in other small RIBs.  A flatter rear hull shape with a pronounced chine promotes earlier planing while being stable in turns.  The company is also incorporating their Genesis Light Seat which is more comfortable and includes storage and a cup holder.

To compliment the Flat Floor model, Walker Bay will also be introducing two new “Single Skin” options of the SUPERLIGHT available in April and May.  These will be lighter and more affordable than the Flat Floor boats with similar hull and tube designs.

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