Open RIB Tenders

Lightweight purpose-built lines of RIB tenders

Walker Bay has three different lines Bay has three different purpose built lines of small open Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) tenders: the Genesis G2 Open Tenders, the only injection-molded polypropylene RIB in the world, it is incredibly durable and feature-loaded with an indestructible hull. The Supertender Open RIBs, built using DURATECH™ foam core fiberglass construction, they have a bigger V than Genesis and are perfect for rougher conditions and for those who want a more standard construction material. Lastly, Superlight RIBs, extremely light and affordable, also built using DURATECH™ foam core fibreglass construction, but designed to be quicker on a plane for easier lifting and use with smaller engines. There is an affordable, durable, lightweight purpose-built option to meet every need.

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