Superlight Console Rigid Inflatable Boat

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    Walker Bay has introduced a new small Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) console kit designed for the Superlight series of light and affordable boats. The SLR Console plus a 310 SLRX come in at a weight totalling 318 pounds, including a 9.8 HP engine and all rigging. The design is so efficient it can plane two average-sized adults (up to 190lbs each) with the 9.8 engine and is incredibly package priced starting at under $8,000 USD (PVC Version). Together with the 310 Superlight boat, it is rated for up to 20hp or the kit is also compatible with the higher hp rated Supertender series of boats.  

    Available in German-made Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM fabric.



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  • Key Features

    • Ultra light weight (318lbs w/ engine)
    • Wide comfortable seat
    • More leg room and foot room
    • Stainless steering wheel & handrails
    • 3 gallon fuel tank storage in rear seat
    • Optimized weight distribution for early planing
    • Easy rigging w/ large front access hatch on console
    • Reinforced surfaces to accommodate more accessories

  • Model
    Console 310SLRX
    Description Superlight Console
    Overall Length (cm / feet) 310/10′ 2″
    Overall Length (w/ engine, cm / feet) 315/10′ 4″
    Internal Length (cm / feet) 216 cm/ 7’1″
    Beam (cm / feet) 151/60″
    Inside Beam (cm / feet) 68/2’3″
    Tube Diameter (cm / feet) 42 cm / 16.5″
    Total Weight (kg / lbs) 99.5/219
    Airtight Compartments 3
    Tube Material Heytex PVC or ORCA CSM
    Passengers 4
    Maximum Payload (kg / lbs) 617 / 1357
    Outboard Data
    Shaft Length Short
    Min. Recommended Power 10
    Max. Recommended Power 20
    Max. Speed (Knots) 28KT
    Maximum Motor Weight 59 / 130

    All Dimensions & Weights indicated have a tolerance of plus or minus 3% and 5% respectively.

  • Smooth performance gives you everything you need in a small RIB

    The Walker Bay Odyssey SUPERLIGHT RIB tender was designed to give you more. The Hull has a medium V design, so it cuts through chop easily. The V tapers to flat in the stern and is incredibly lightweight so it is super fast up on a plane. The SUPERLIGHT also has a thicker chine than other RIBs its size, so it’s smooth in turns and avoids cavitation.

    Smooth Ride.  Early to Plane.   No cavitation in turns.  Everything you need.

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