DuraLITE™ Genesis Hull Construction

Sometimes the biggest difference lies beneath the surface

Experience the future of boat building.

Genesis RIBs are manufactured using state-of-the-art-injection molds, which enable the highest level of finishing and accuracy, providing detail and features that no other manufacturing process can achieve. Precisely pre-measured DuraLITE™ composite resin is injected into a 82-ton steel mold with over 8,000 tons of clamp force. The result is a superior one-piece hull that is lightweight and extremely durable with no seams or joints to crack or leak. Custom-engineered UV resistant resins are used to create a long-lasting boat that has a superior strength-to-weight ratio over other materials.

Sledgehammer Durability Test




  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Incredibly impact resistant
  • Scratches are less apparent & do not affect hull integrity
  • Extremely forgiving & comfortable ride
  • Very lightweight material
  • Exceptional value


  • 1-5 Year Warranty
  • Impact can puncture the hull
  • Scratches are apparent & can allow for delamination & water gain if not treated
  • Forgiving ride
  • Weight can be heavy if resin not applied efficiently
  • Moderate value


  • 1-5 Year Warranty
  • Impact can dent the hull permanently
  • Scratches are visual & allow for corrosion of hull over time
  • Extremely jarring & uncomfortable ride
  • Lightweight material
  • Expensive


Environmentally Friendly

recycleThe injection molding process is entirely environmentally friendly and the materials are recyclable. The result is a durable and virtually maintenance-free boat, one you can feel good about owning.

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