Breeze 10 Sail Kit

  • Breeze 10 Sail Kit

    Get More Fun From Your Dinghy

    Introducing the Walker Bay Breeze. Designed for fun on the water, the Breeze is simple for anyone to rig and sail and features an easy-to-handle compact sailing rig and PVC stability tube. The high-aspect ratio sail design provides better light wind performance, while the higher angled boom allows for more head room. An inflatable tube increases stability and safety and acts as a splash guard making the boat dry while sailing. Like a stand up paddleboard, the Breeze is a fun and easy way to enjoy being on the water.

     $1,299 USD (Tube/Sail Kit Only)

    NA_symbolSMALLAll Walker Bay products are proudly designed and built in North America.

  • Stainless Steel Bow Eye – for mooring or towing your boat, the stainless steel bow eye resists corrosion for longer wear
    Integrated Oar System Optional – An optional Oar and Oarlock set is available for all Rigid Dinghies. 6.5' Hydro Curve Oars with detachable performance blades.
    One piece durable and maintenance free HIMC Hull. Walker Bay's High Impact Marine Composite (HIMC) composite hulls use a UV protected resin and come with a 10 Year Warranty.
    One way drain plug – A one way drain plug on all boats makes draining your boat easy
    Inflatable Tube – Built using a 3-layer seam the Breeze tube ads stability to the boat making it safer and also drier while sailing.
    Wheel in the KeelTM – On the bottom of all Walker Bay's you will find a wheel making launching or moving you boat super easy.
    Motor Ready – the Breeze comes with a motor mount, push the release button and rudder removes allowing use of an outboard. Row it, Motor it, Sail it!
    Two-piece collapsible mast and easy to connect rotor boom break down easily for storage when not in use
    Aluminum profile Daggerboard – stiff and light making it easy to sail upwind
    Retractable aluminum kick-up rudder with adjustable tiller makes it easy to change positions while sailing
    High aspect ratio 4 oz Dacron Battened Main Sail with higher boom angle gives you great upwind performance and more clearance while sailing.
    Easy to rig Jib gives more power and improves upwind performance
    Get More Fun From Your Dinghy

    The Walker Bay 8 Breeze Sail/Tube Kit comes with high end rigging features while still being easy to rig or break down and store. Much like Walker Bay’s superior fleet of stand up paddle boards and kayaks, it is perfect for those who want performance while still keeping it simple.

    Standard Features & Components
    • High aspect ratio sail design
    • Battened mainsail
    • Easy to rig Jib Sail
    • Retractable aluminum rudder
    • Aluminum daggerboard
    • Color coded lines
    • Collapsible mast for easy transport or storage
    • Quick release button to attach/ detach rudder
    Hands on Quality

    For over ten years, Walker Bay has combined practical innovation and advanced engineering to create a line of award winning boats. With the goal of getting more people on the water having fun, Walker Bay has focused on functional innovations that improve performance while making boating simpler and more carefree. Using only premium materials, components and hardware, our sail kits are built to last and are backed by a 2 year limited warranty. This, combined with our hands-on fine finishing and diligent attention to detail, you can be assured of the finest quality.

    Rudder Blade

    The high-performance rudder blade combines a super durable composite glass-filled Nylon rudder head with a hydrodynamic lightweight aluminum foil. It also includes an easy to use universal articulating tiller extension which allows steering from various positions and is easily stowable within itself.


    A hydrodynamic lightweight aluminum foil was developed for our daggerboards, to create a board that combines maximum stiffness with minimum weight.

  • Model
    Breeze 8 Sail Kit
    Breeze 10 Sail Kit
    (Tube/Sail Kit Only) $999 USD $1299 USD
    Overall Length (cm / feet) 275 cm / 9′ 310 cm/ 10′ 2″
    Beam (cm / feet) 172 cm / 5′ 8″ 183 cm / 6′
    Inside Beam (cm / feet) 125 cm / 4′ 1″ 135 cm / 4′ 5″
    Tube Diameter (cm / inches) 20 cm / 8″ 20 cm / 8″
    Total Weight (kg / lbs) 46kg / 102lbs 72kg / 161lbs
    Passengers 2 3
    Max Payload (kg / lbs) 193 / 425 204 / 449
    Outboard Data
    Short Shaft Short Short
    Max. Horsepower 2 3
    Sailing Specifications
    Mast Height (m / feet) 3.68m / 12′ 1″ 3.68 m / 12’1″
    Sail Area (m / feet) 3.8m² / 41ft² 5.2m² / 56ft²

    Specifications subject to change.

  • Sailing Performance

    Simple to rig and easy to sail, Walker Bay Sailboats are competitive on all tacks versus other boats in their class. Pointing ability is optimized through a combination of hull design, sail plan and daggerboard performance.

    Advanced Innovation Results in Superior Performance

    Designed by experts on the international racing circuit, Walker Bay sail kits are loaded with performance features, much like its line of inflatable boats, to enhance your experience on the water. A computer generated hydrodynamic lightweight aluminum foil was created for our daggerboards. Combining maximum stiffness, minimum weight and maximum surface area on the daggerboard enables the boat to point better into the wind while still maintaining speed. By using a combination of glass-filled finer reinforced nylon and lightweight 6061 extruded aluminum, we have created a rudder blade that maximises its high strength to weight ratio. As, a result, the rudder blade is stiffer, lighter and will last longer over time. This innovation creates superior upwind ability, responsiveness, turning, tacking and acceleration.

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