AIRIS Kayak Replacement Parts

Looking for AIRIS Kayak replacement parts? Please view the listing below for more information on the exact part you may need or view the expanded AIRIS technical drawings for additional information.

1000060001 Bungy Cord 7mm Black
1000070001 Window Clear PVC
1000070002 Snap Buckle Plastic Black View PDF 
1000070004 D-Ring Plastic Black
1000070005 Handles W/ Straps Plastic & Nylon Black
1000070007 Large Skeg Polyurethane Black
1000110001 Extrusion For Splash Guard PVC Dark Gray (Meters) View PDF 
1000110011 Extrusion for Foot Rest PVC Black View PDF 
1000110014 Extrusion W/ L-Shape PVC Black View PDF 
1000140004 Molded Oval Logo PVC Blue & Turquoise
1000140006 Molded Logo Walker Bay Left Kayak
1000140007 Molded Logo Walker Bay Right Kayak
1000160001 Large Back Pack for Airis Vinyl Yellow View PDF
1000160002 Small Back Pack For Airis Vinyl Yellow View PDF
1000160003 Large Back Pack For Airis Vinyl Blue View PDF 
1000240001 D-Ring For Kayaks SS
1000330006 Hand Pump with Gauge Blue/Gray/Yellow View PDF 
1000340001 Deluxe Backrest for Airis View PDF
3000030007 Repair Kit For Play Sport & Tandem Airis View PDF 
3000030139 Repair Kit For Velocity View PDF 
4294967295 Capacity Label for Velocity Vinyl
4294967295 Capacity Label for Tandem Vinyl

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