AIRIS Replacement Parts

Please view the easy to follow instructions below for your AIRIS kayak or stand up paddleboard replacement part.

First, if you need help determining the correct part and part number you need, feel free to visit our Technical Drawings section to look at your AIRIS to find the part you need.  You can also reference our list of all parts below to find what you need to order.

AIRIS Kayaks Replacement Parts

To order your part you have options.

  1. You can contact your local dealer and order your part through them.  Click here to find your nearest Walker Bay Dealer.
  2. We have an independent parts supplier as well who has a full list and stocks parts.  You can visit and order direct from them.
  3. You can also order direct from Walker Bay.  We offer parts direct so you can get them easily.  Click here to order direct.  If you don’t see the part you are looking for please contact us and we will help.

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