• Portable, Stowable, Easy to Use & Maintain

    Sometimes you feel like getting out there and exploring on an inflatable kayak or SUP, but sometimes you just feel like soaking up the sun and splashing around your favorite lake. That’s where the Walker Bay AirDock comes in. Unlike a wood dock, this inflatable dock is comfortable to climb on and lounge on with the added benefit of being compact, stowable, and low/no maintenance. Quick to inflate, every AirDock comes equipped with a high-pressure hand pump and gauge so you will be on the water in minutes. When you’e done, the AirDock is easy to pack away and stow in your boat, camper or cabin when not in use.

     $799 USD


    NA_symbolSMALLAll Walker Bay products are proudly designed and built in North America.

  • Custom Carrying Bag comes included with every AirDock™
    Premium one-way valve makes inflation and deflation easy and straightforward.
    Aqua-Loc™ Ballast Bag - adds stability by trapping water underneath the deck to prevent the AirDock™ from slipping on the water’s surface
    Air Web™ Construction – Only AirDock™ is built using Walker Bay's patented high pressure construction. The AirDock™ inflates to 6.5psi vs. 1.5 psi for other standard inflatable products.
    High Pressure Adjustable Two-Way Hand Pump included. Hand pump inflates a kayak in 2-3 minutes and includes an adjustable valve for one or two way pumping plus a pressure gage to ensure the proper PSI level.
    Easy to inflate and deflate design. For such a solid platform, the AirDock™ has no rigid parts so it packs away quickly and easily when being stored..
    4 Carrying handles make moving the AirDock™ easy.
    4 Heavy Duty Stainless D-Rings in the corners for tying up or anchoring.
    Introducing the revolutionary AirDockTM by Walker Bay®

    As with our inflatable kayaks and SUPS, the AirDock was designed using Walker Bay’s proprietary AirWeb™ High-Pressure Patented Construction. So it no ordinary floating dock. It provides a durable, versatile stable platform that is suitable for a multitude of uses. Set it up as a deck with tables and chairs, use it as a swim platform for diving, and tanning, or as a dock for wake boarding, waterskiing or tie up your PWC. Ideal for cruisers, the AirDock can also be fastened to the stern of a yacht to expand the boat deck, or tied to several other AirDocks to create a floating community. Durable enough to take on the family dog, the innovative AirDock has unlimited potential for family fun.

    Durable, Stable & Versatile

    The AirDock is made using AirWeb™ High-Pressure Patented construction, formed from a heavy duty seven layer polymer coated fabric that is joined inside by thousands of drop-stitch fibers, making it possible to inflate to more than 6.5 PSI or 0.45 bar. This creates a rigid non-slip platform that is strong enough to endure several adults and kids. Underneath the deck, there is an Aqua-Loc™ ballast bag (patent pending) to trap water and prevent the AirDock from slipping on the water’s surface. The result is an extremely stable platform that one can walk on, or even dive from.

    Portable, Stowable, Easy to Use & Maintain

    Quick to inflate, every AirDock comes equipped with a high pressure hand pump so you will be on the water in minutes. Unlike a traditional wood dock, the AirDock is compact, towable, and requires no maintenance other than simple cleaning. Weighing only 15 kg, and measuring 66 x 50 x 26 cm (deflated) in its own custom carry bag, the AirDock is made with portage in mind. Which means it’s just as easy to pack up and transport as our super compact inflatable kayaks and SUPs. And when not in use, you can just stow the AirDock in your boat, camper or cabin.

    • AirWeb™ High-Pressure Construction
    • Heavy Duty 7-Layer Polymer Coated Fabric
    • Aqua-LocTM Ballast Bag for Stability
    • Reinforced D-Rings (Accessory Attachment Points/ Anchoring Points)
    • High Quality H3-Valve
    • Custom Carry Bag
    • High Pressure 2-Setting Air Pump with Pressure Gage
    • Repair Kit and Valve Tool included

    Length 8’5″ / 256 cm
    Width 5’7″ / 170 cm
    Thickness 8”/21cm
    Weight 34.7 lbs / 15.7 kg
    Air Chambers 1
    Person Capacity N/A
    Max Load N/A
    Storage Dimensions 26”x10.2”x19.7”

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